Looking Ahead to 2013


  • Stormwater Quality & Quantity Issues will continue to become more important in the County as demonstrated by the numbers of high energy storms that are on the increase while development also increases.   We will also be working with our towns and partners to help  reduce nitrogen levels in Great Bay from stormwater, septic systems, and other non-point source pollution.  In turn, this can help reduce the pressure to provide costly upgrades to municipal sewage treatment plants.
  • Controlling Invasive Pests and Reducing Pesticide Use is expected to become an important part of RCCD programming.  With at least two new invasive insect pests threatening our crops, RCCD looks forward to working with our partners at NRCS and NH Cooperative Extension to assist farmers in controlling these pests while minimizing pesticide use.

    Spotted Wing Drosophila (Photo UNH CE) A devastating invasive agricultural pest new to NH in 2011

  • Local Agriculture is expanding in Rockingham County and the District is gearing up to work with local farmers to increase local production while maintaining stewardship of the land. RCCD anticipates more involvement in projects such as assisting farmers groups in obtaining specialized equipment that works efficiently while also improving the protection of soil and water resources.
  • RCCD receives a large number of requests to work with towns regarding Ecological Restoration Projects. We will continue to meet the demands of our towns by continuing this work, which is often associated with issues such as non-point source pollution.


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