River Road Salt Marsh, New Castle

RCCD completed this project in partnership with the Town of New Castle.  The River Road salt marsh restoration project is expected to serve as a flagship project to build community support for salt marsh restoration throughout New Castle.  Degraded salt marshes have less wildlife value, reduced species diversity, greater mosquito production, and have detrimental effects on landscape aesthetics.  The River Road salt marsh was impacted during the early 1970’s by the placement of a sewer line along approximately half of its perimeter.  This led to the filling in of a stream through sedimentation that ultimately has led to an expanding population of invasive Phragmites.  The goal of this project is to remove the Phragmites and restore the stream channel, which is also expected to reduce mosquito production in the marsh.  A path connecting the restored marsh to the nearby elementary school makes this marsh a prime outdoor educational laboratory in which to study the salt marsh ecosystem and students have been involved throughout the restoration process.

Partners & Funders include: New Castle Conservation Commission,  NHDES Aquatic Resource Mitigation Fund, NH Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food, Integrated Pest Management Grant Program, and Project landowners.  The feasibility portion of this project was funded in part by a grant from the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership in 2010.




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