2020 Trout Sale ImageThe 2020 Trout Sale is still scheduled to take place April 25th, but we are making some changes to ensure everyone’s safety.

For trout sale pickups: (anyone ordering 6-8-inch trout) It will be a “curbside” pickup at the RCCD parking lot, meaning we will be asking everyone picking up to stay in their cars. Delivery will be available for any person ordering 6-8 inch trout that are over 65 or for anyone with underlying health conditions. Please indicate on your forms if you require delivery or contact the RCCD directly.

For trout sale deliveries: (anyone ordering 10-12 inch) You do not have to present for the delivery if you choose, they will drop the fish off and place a flag at the pond to indicate that the trout have been delivered.

For any questions please email RCCD at

For more information and copies of the order form please visit our website

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