Nitrogen, Septic Systems, Great Bay and Why it Matters

Nitrogen, Septic Systems, Great Bay and Why it Matters

Thank you for all the great participation in this workshop!

Presentations from the workshop are posted below:

The Nitrogen Cycle and Its Impact on Seacoast Communities and Waters
Presenter: William H. McDowell, UNH Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment

Relevant State and Local Drinking Water and Septic System Regulations
Presenters: Mitch Locker and Rob Tardif, NH Department of Environmental Services

Denitrifying Septic Systems – Treatment Technologies and Tracking Effectiveness
Presenter: Chris Albert, Granite State Designers and Installers

Passive Treatment of Nitrate in Groundwater – A Review of the Piscataqua Permeable Reactive Barrier Pilot Project
Presenter: Danna Truslow, Truslow Resources Consulting and Rockingham County Conservation District

Workshop Round Table Notes

If you have additional questions or comments about this topic please contact Vicky at the Rockingham County Conservation District. or 603-679-2790


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