Demonstration Projects

The NRCS provided funding to each of the ten conservation districts in NH to conduct needed demonstration projects that would otherwise be unfunded.  RCCD conducted two projects.

Fruit Inhibition of Invasive Species The first project examined using a plant growth regulator that is used in the agricultural and horticultural trades to control fruiting on invasive shrubs.  This could be utilized where management of habitat for the rare New England cottontail involves gradual replacement of invasive shrubs with native shrubs to maintain a dense shrub cover while minimizing spread of the invasive species.   The experiment indicated excellent control of fruiting could be achieved.


Salvage and Restoration Planting of  State Listed American Beachgrass :   The second project involved salvaging rare beachgrass that was slated to be destroyed as part of a road upgrade project along the causeway from New Castle to Portsmouth.  RCCD enlisted volunteers as well as partners from the Coastal Wetland Invasive Plant Partnership to assist in the salvage and replanting project.  The beachgrass was planted into several patches at a beach restoration project at Odiorne Point State Park.


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