NRCS in Rockingham County & The Wetland Protection Program

RCCD continues to partner with NRCS to identify and address natural resource concerns in local communities and to coordinate public and private resources to meet local needs on a grassroots level.  The District worked with NRCS during 2012 to provide assistance to landowners and producers to carry out environmentally sound practices that benefit all residents of the County under the  2008 Farm Bill.

In August, the RCCD was awarded a cooperative agreement with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide management and oversight of 27 wetland restoration projects in addition to five sites that being managed under another NRCS agreement.  The restoration sites are in both Rockingham and Strafford Counties and the work is being completed in partnership with the Strafford County Conservation District.  The project will improve wetland habitat for water quality, flood storage, and wildlife habitat.  The project involves site evaluations, selection of contractors, permit preparation, and management of project implementation to complete wetland restoration projects according to plans prepared by the NRCS.







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