RCPP Cost Share Program

The New Hampshire Coastal Watershed Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), led by the Nature Conservancy, funded through the Natural Resources Conservation Service(NRCS), is a funding source designed to address soil health and the degradation of water quality in coastal rivers and estuaries.

This program offers cost share opportunities to farmers through the NRCS for the purposes farm management conservation practices to address water quality, soil health, and wildlife habitat resource needs. The Conservation Districts will help guide farmers through the application process.  On a first come first served basis there will be $200 incentive payments for new applicants just for completing the application! This opportunity is funded through the Janes Trust, and is available for producers in the coastal watershed of New Hampshire which encompasses most of Strafford and Rockingham Counties.

Are you a producer interested in improving the quality of your soil, adding farm management conservation practices, or increasing wildlife habitat on your farm? Have you ever considered applying for federal cost share programs through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) but find the application time consuming or confusing?

The Conservation district will help you apply!

View programs, eligibility information and ranking information.

Is your farm located the Costal Watershed? 

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