No-Till Seeder


The no-till seed drill allows farmers to plant cover crops, hay and pasture mixes, and more directly into the soil without tillage, even through crop residue and sod. Get your seeding done with fewer tractor passes, less damage to the soil structure, less time and fuel, and less risk of disturbing weed seeds in the soil. No-till practices also allow farmers to manage land in ways that reduce stormwater runoff and prevent soil erosion, which protects our surface waters.

Model: 606NT
Tractor Attachment: Pull Type
Weight : 2,700lbs
Travel Width: 8.6ft
Cultivation Width: 6ft
Seed boxes: Main, Small, Native Grasses
Tractor Size Needed: 40 Horsepower

Rental Rate: $30 per day, plus $12 per acre

Rental Agreement

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