Stoltzfus 4-Ton Lime/ Woodash Spreader

Woodash-Lime spreader

To combat the  growing challenges created by New Hampshire’s acidic soils, this piece of equipment will be available for rent to spread natural pH raisers, woodash or lime. Soils that are less acidic or soils with a pH closer to neutral are better environments for legumes and other nitrogen fixing plants.  Raising pH is an efficient way to increase nitrogen content in the soil without overloading the soil with fertilizers. It is also the best way to recycle woodash generated by biomass energy facilities, such as the one at the Rockingham County Complex.


Model: WLS40 (OM)

Tractor attachment: Pull type

Weight (empty): 2,780 lbs

Overall length: 18 ft

Overall height: 65 inches

Overall width: 17 inches

Tractor size needed: 50 horsepower

Rental Rate: $30 per day, plus $3 per ton

Rental Agreement

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