Soil Testing

UNH Cooperative Extension Soil Test:

“Provides soil analysis and fertilizer recommendations to farmers, homeowners and researchers. Recommendations are based on the latest research and are specific to the crop being grown”. -UNH Cooperative Extension

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Soil Testing Forms

Submitting your Soil Sample

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Samples can be dropped off in person or mailed to the UNH campus in Durham.

UNH Cooperative Extension Soil Testing

G28 Spaulding Hall

38 Academic Way

Durham, NH 0382

Cornell Soil Health Assessment:

“The Comprehensive Assessment of Soil Health is designed for farmers, gardeners, agricultural service providers, landscape managers and researchers who want to go beyond simply testing the nutrient levels of their soils. It is the first commercially-available laboratory soil health test that provides standardized, field-specific information on important constraints in soil biological and physical processes, in addition to standard nutrient analysis”. -Cornell University

For example a chemical test may tell you that you have the right amount nitrogen in your soil but plants may not be able to access that nitrogen because of biological or physical properties like compaction. If you know more about all aspects of your soil, you can help improve your productivity and overall soil health!

The test requires a penetrometer and a specific sampling procedure

Don’t have a penetrometer? We have one for you to borrow!

Contact the RCCD office for more information on the penetrometer

Cornell prices:
Basic package: $45.00
Standard package: $75.00

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