Soil Testing

RCCD is pleased to announce our new soil testing service.

Are you interested in learning more about your soil but don’t have the time to take the sample or you don’t know where the sample needs to go?

Are you interested getting in-depth information about your soil but need technical assistance in taking the sample?

RCCD can help!

See our 2013 Soil testing form and read through the information below.

UNH Cooperative Extension Soil Test:

This will give you basic information about the chemical properties of your soil and some comments and recommendations.

Drop off your sample at RCCD and will get the sample to the extension office.

Cost: $10 + the cost of the sample

UNH Sample prices:
$12 or $17  depending on the test you are selecting.

See: and select the correct form for your sample area/type of crop

Want us to come to your farm and take sample your field for you?
$35 to sample the soil and deliver + the cost of the sample

If you are dropping off a sample, please be sure to follow the soil sampling instructions and have the UNH form filled out.

Learn more:

Cornell Soil Health Assessment:

For example a chemical test may tell you that you have the right amount nitrogen in your soil but maybe plants can’t access that nitrogen because of the biological or physical properties. If you know more about all aspects of your soil, you can help improve your productivity and overall soil health!

The test requires a penetrometer and a specific sampling procedure

Don’t have a penetrometer? We have one for you to borrow!

Aren’t sure you want to take the sample? We offer technical assistance and will come to you and help you sample!

Drop off the sample at RCCD:

$10 for shipping plus the cost of the sample.
Borrow the penetrometer only: $5 per day
Borrow the penetrometer and drop off the sample at RCCD: $15 + the cost of the sample
$50 to sample the soil and ship + the cost of the sample

Cornell prices:
Basic package: $45.00
Standard package: $75.00

Learn more:


Contact the office with any questions!


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