Septic Installation Inspections


Env-Wq 1016.03  Excavation.

Any person excavating for an EDA shall:

(a)  Protect the natural absorption qualities of the soil;

(b)  Protect open excavation from storm runoff to prevent the entrance of silt and debris;

(c)  Rake all smeared or compacted surfaces to a depth of one inch; and

(d)  Remove loose material before the fill or uniform crushed stone is placed or, in the case of chambers or LDGP systems, the sand bed is constructed.


Env-Wq 1021.02  Site Preparation.

After the plans for a system having a raised EDA have been approved, the EDA shall be staked out in accordance with the plans.  All trees, topsoil, roots that are directly attached to a tree stem which can be extracted with the stump, and organic soil material shall be removed from the area to be filled, including the area under the side slopes.


Env-Wq 1016.05 Backfill of Conventional Pipe-and-Stone Beds.

(c) After backfilling, the top of the EDA shall be overfilled with 4 to 6 inches of loam suitable for seeding.


Env-Wq 1021.04 Fill Extension; Side Slopes.

(c) The side slopes shall be stabilized by being covered with:

(1) At least 3 inches of loam that is seeded immediately;

(2) At least 3 inches of bark mulch; or

(3) Other material that will prevent erosion and lead to long-term stability of the slopes without interfering with ventilation, such as an erosion control blanket.

NOTE:  These excerpts from NHDES rules are distributed for informational purposes only.  RCCD accepts no responsibility for the accuracy herein.  NHDES Rules are subject to change without notice.  The contractor is responsible for confirming that the most current rules are adhered to.

Prepared 11/28/2011.


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